Our team participates in Private Sale Allocations. We enable investors to participate in High Quality Pre-ICOs at great discounts.

We can contribute small to really large amounts. Additionally, we provide a lot of strategic value by helping push out the ICO through our platform.

As we all know, there are many issues when it comes to ICO Investing:

  1. High quality ICO access is difficult because they get sold out really quickly
  2. Sometimes you might not fulfill the minimum ETH amount to contribute so therefore, you can’t participate
  3. If you are American or reside in China, often times you can’t even get access to ICOs since you’ll fail the KYC Process
  4. You can’t get good discounts to high quality ICOs individually
  5. You invested in an ICO but perhaps it turned out to be a scam

In order to solve these problems, we developed an incredible ICO Service Offering.

Our product allows people to gain exposure to ICOs they are normally excluded from.

In addition, our product has the following benefits: 

  • Focuses on quality ICOs vetted by myself.
  • Provides private sale access to ICOs that you can’t normally get access (also, even Americans & Chinese residents can utilize this product)
  • Negotiates improved ICO terms including larger bonuses / discounts and reduced lock-in periods.
  • Eliminates the need for investors to be whitelisted, submit KYC documents multiple times and attend time sensitive ICO launches.
  • Provides a streamlined, effective and hassle-free process for you to buy the ICO tokens you want!

 Here’s a Webinar Recording of our ICO Service for your reference:


 If you are interested in participating in our ICO Loan Service, please fill out the form here (we do all the KYC in-house and abide by the highest standards of KYC/AML Practice:

 Fill out the form here: https://masterthecrypto.com/icoservice

If you fill out the form, you are not obligated to invest.

Alternatively, you can shoot us an email at aziz@masterthecrypto.com with the subject line: Interest in the Private Sale Allocation Process and we’ll keep you informed of the most high quality ICOs so you can participate at great discounts.

 Or you can fill out the form directly to express your interest to us and we’ll email you as soon as possible.

Consulting/Advisory Services

 We provide consulting services to many ICOs.

Initial Consultation includes:

  • Discussion with the founding team on the vision of the project, suitability of blockchain and cryptocurrency integration, deliverables from both parties.
  • Understand the outline of the project and the timeline
  • Suggestion of business process enhancement
  • Conceptualization of roadmap


Blockchain Implementation Review Consulting:

 High-Level review of business processes and how blockchain can integrate with the business

  • In-house blockchain research and development team with extensive research and knowledge in blockchain interoperability and projects
  • Specifications of different blockchain models
  • Conceive token utility and how it ties up with the overall token model
  • Employment of suitable token economics structure

If you are interested in our consulting services, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you.

Alternatively, you can email us at aziz@masterthecrypto.com with the subject line: Interest in Consulting and we’ll get back to you! Looking forward to working together!

Or you can fill out the form directly to express your interest to us and we’ll email you as soon as possible.


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